CIC Engine: High-performance, hyper-scalable integration runtime engine for always-on business

Powerful Runtime Automation
Scalable Architecture
Any-to-Any Data Transformation
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Protocol connectivity and any-to-any transformation

Enable intelligent orchestration and powerful automation of mission-critical B2B and API-based integration processes spanning trading partners & internal business systems. 

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Automate & orchestrate dataflows
between your trading partners and infrastructure

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.

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Enable batch & real-time processes

Instrument and automate batch and streaming processes on a single platform and support end-to-end business processes built on B2B and API-based integration that perform in concert.


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Cleo Integration Cloud, and the underlying CIC Engine, have allowed us to process more than five million inbound and outbound business transactions per day. The robustness of the platform is helping us digitally scale our environment and customer experience.

Trey Willis
Chief Technology Officer
CTSI Global

Cleo Integration Cloud: Engine Datasheet

Learn more about the Cleo Integration Cloud Engine by downloading our datasheet today:

  • Deploy powerful runtime automation 
  • Scale-out architecture to enable agile and always-on business
  • Create connectivity with any-to-any data transformation

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CIC Engine

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