Medical & Pharmaceutical

Retake control over your B2B supply chain processes by consolidating communication and data transformation into a single cloud-based platform.

Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) creates a single source of truth by automatically funneling all information into one platform in real-time, giving your company the most accurate data possible that can be used to inform strategic decisions.

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Medical and Pharma Integration Platform

“The secure Integration capabilities, the HIPAA compliance enablement, 
and a quick ROI made the Cleo Integration Cloud an easy decision for Dental Associates.
Cleo’s solutions are founded upon agility, ease of use, and innovation, and getting it
all on a single platform made a world of difference. Our rapidly expanding dental practice
can depend on Cleo technology for years to come.”

- Josh Moore, Infrastructure Manager

Take Control of Your Integrations & Accelerate Growth


Access real-time data


Automate data collection that funnels into one central location


Easily manage your SLA/KPI performance with real-time visibility and status updates


Identify and resolve issues quickly with proactive alerting and hands-on control


Accelerate customer responses and quickly reduce and resolve disputes

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