Warehouse & Storage

One platform for API & EDI integration means reducing costs by optimizing inventory levels.

Harness Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) to track the real-time processing and movement of goods, helping your businesses increase productivity and drive growth.

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Warehouse & Storage Integration Platform

“We utilize Cleo’s connectors for NETSUITE so we are able to tightly integrate into our backend
systems. We found the CIC connectors to be very helpful and eliminated a lot of time from the
project. Ideally, we wanted a simple but very effective tool that we could use to solve various 
problems and we found that the Cleo suite can do that.”

- Ed Krupka, CIO

Take Control of Your Integrations & Accelerate Growth


Increase inventory accuracy


Improve space utilization


Greater warehouse productivity


Reduce fulfillment time


Streamline information gathering and reporting 

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