API & EDI Integration for Freight Transportation & Trucking

Improve your freight efficiencies by processing all your API & EDI transactions in one location with the power of automation.

Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) helps you centralize API, EDI and non-EDI integrations, so you can scale your freight transportation or trucking business and meet ever-changing customer demand.

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Trucking & Freight EDI Integration Platform

“Cleo just makes our lives easier. Nobody loves to have a bunch of different systems &
we wanted to manage our data flows from a central platform. With Cleo, having everything
coming into one central point and being able to process the data from all of our systems – 
and go back to the same place for support – is a real value-add for us.”

- Glenn Jansen, Director of Information Technology

Enabling API & EDI Integration for
Countless Transportation Companies

Swift, dependable API / EDI integration and data transfer is a critical operational element of modern freight transportation services in this disruptive time in history, whether by truck, train, or ship.

We are the API and EDI experts who keep your freight (and freight data) quick and efficient so that you can create a seamless, connected supply chain. Cleo develops and supports the robust API and EDI connections and applications that join you to your global trading partner network.

Freight EDI Connecting Real-time Transports

Take Control of Your Freight Integrations & Accelerate Growth


Streamline customer service by centralizing communication


Harness automation to dramatically reduce response time to trading partner requests


Scale multichannel business by automating API, EDI, and file-based transactions on the same platform


Modernize traditional EDI connections by consolidating legacy integration systems


Easily manage your SLA/KPI performance with real-time visibility and status updates

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