Logistics and Transportation
Integration Solutions

Integrate with shippers, carriers, and brokers to streamline your logistics operations.

Cleo Integration Cloud provides self-service and managed service solutions for API, EDI and non-EDI integration use cases.


Take Control of Your Integrations & Accelerate Growth


Improve customer satisfaction by consistently meeting your business commitments.


Meet any integration requirement, including ever-changing API and EDI requirements, with complete format, syntax, and protocol depth.


Achieve ecosystem enablement with partner management, self-service, and the right tooling to quickly institute changes without custom coding.


Attain operational excellence through shared visibility across all partner integrations & empower your teams to view data and unlock cross-functional insights.


Gain operational flexibility with self-service and managed services. Whoever is managing the system can fix issues quickly and easily.

Cleo is the trusted leader in API & EDI Integration
for Logistics and Transportation organizations.

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Streamline Your Logistics Operations with Low-code/No-code Design, Built-in Visibility, and a Blend of Self-service and Managed Services

Connect to shippers

Seamless connection to shippers

Make the entire freight-matching process far more efficient through end-to-end automation. Query multiple shippers to determine the most cost-effective routing options in real time.

Real-time information exchange

Real-time information exchange

Gain the ability to extract up-to-the-minute spot rate in real-time, location tracking, and routing information, enabling digitalization of supply chain processes.


End-to-end visibility

End-to-end visibility

Directly connect with electronic logging device (ELD) aggregators, visibility providers such as project44 and FourKites, and mobile applications, while providing real-time updates on location and route tracking information.

Learn How Cleo's Platform Handles Use Cases Unique to Each Type of Logistics Organization

Over 4,000 Customers Trust Cleo for Their Critical Integrations

“Cleo has really been instrumental in helping us grow and just the way that the system has been able to grow with us … It’s kind of astonishing that you would buy a product by Cleo and expect it to have ten, maybe twenty connections and now we’re looking at having over 400 connections on it. That’s been one of the better products I’ve ever purchased.”

Keith Curtis
EDI Manager,
Allen Lund

“Our costs and efficiencies have resulted in an average ROI of $5,000 a month, and having direct access to the map and communication means we spend less time troubleshooting EDI issues. Client satisfaction has also increased, as there are fewer problems with our in-house EDI connections, and our time to resolve and respond to our customers when issues arise has decreased by at least 60 percent.”

Terri Sandine
Manager of Application Development,
Mohawk Global Logistics

“Cleo was the only option that enabled us to continually optimize our iSeries investment while at the same time extending our integration reach to the cloud so we could meet our customer-focused goals and objectives. Plus, operationally speaking, being engaged with their Managed Services team allows Cleo to do more implementation and support work for us, which frees up about 70% of my staff’s time to do other things.”

Trey Willis
Chief Technology Officer,

“Our error rate has dropped from 3% to 4% to 0.24%. That's a 16x improvement. My guys literally do maybe one or two EDI help desk tickets a day, and they spend the rest of their days working on more meaningful projects. So the number one thing is, we don't have the whole team tied up working EDI issues anymore, and that’s win-win for everybody.”

Macy Bergoon
Vice President of IT,
Verst Logistics

No Matter Your Role or Challenge, Cleo Integration Cloud Offers a Solution


Integration Developers
Operations Managers

  • Challenges:

  • Onboarding partners takes far too long

  • Complex, time-consuming error resolution and change management

  • Outcomes:

  • Reduce onboarding time to hours/days with self-service and reusable templates

  • Identify and resolve issues quickly with proactive alerting and hands-on control


Director of Business Intelligence
IT Systems Manager

  • Challenges:

  • Managing siloed systems

  • Difficult or impossible to track Load Tender / Warehouse Order / Shipment Request responsiveness to customers and from carriers

  • Outcomes:

  • Streamline LT2I via connected systems & trading partners

  • Easily manage your SLA/KPI performance with real-time visibility & status updates



  • Challenges:

  • Risk to overall supply chain & business performance

  • Inability to handle emerging API demands jeopardizes customer retention and growth

  • Outcomes:

  • Improve performance & elevate customer experience

  • Use your integration capabilities as a differentiator to grow your business



  • Challenges:

  • Manually inputting customer orders, BOL, & invoice inquiries

  • Limited to no visibility into shipment statuses impacts answering customer questions

  • Outcomes:

  • Automate business document retrieval & provisions

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores with clear, consistent updates

Want to Learn More?

With real-time actionable insights and consolidated API and EDI integration capabilities, your technical and business users are empowered to make faster data-driven decisions, rapidly onboard ecosystem trading partners and applications, and speed-up revenue-generating processes such as Load Tender-to-Invoice and Procure-to-Pay.

Read the Cleo Integration Cloud Solution Brief to gain a better understanding of our platform, including key capabilities and benefits.


Read the Solution Brief