Integration Solutions for Logistics

Logistics Integration Solutions

500+ logistics and transportation providers choose Cleo Integration Cloud to deliver on supply chain integration excellence.

Logistics Integration Solutions

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Cleo is a leader in EDI for logistics

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Leader Enterprise Spring 2022
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One Secure Platform for Every Logistics Integration Requirement

  • Meet elevated performance expectations and decrease customer dissatisfaction
  • Meet any customer and carrier need with format, syntax, and protocol depth
  • Be consistent and do something ahead of long-term supply shocks
  • Accelerate onboarding of trading partners for faster time to revenue
  • Break through application silos and consolidate your integrations
  • Pinpoint exceptions, address route cause, and quickly address issues

Traditional B2B Integration is broken. See how Cleo Logistics transformed it.


Real-time operational visibility for every persona

Cleo Integration Cloud's logistics integration technology allows you to easily surface the most impactful business insights for immediately actionable intelligence.


Seamless lgoistics business process visibility. Take direct action for hands-on troubleshooting

Tie together transactions that compose revenue-driving business operations for rich and complete context across processes such as order-to-cash.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your trading partners and infrastructure

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Powerful persona-driven visibility anywhere and at any time you need

Cleo Integration Cloud is an integration platform designed to deliver a blend of self-service and managed services for manufacturers to deliver actionable insight and real time data intelligence to every user.


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No Matter Your Role or Challenge,
Cleo Integration Cloud Offers a Solution


Integration Developers
Operations Managers

  • Challenges:

  • High integration exception rate

  • Complex, time-consuming change management

  • Outcomes:

  • Reduce integration exception rate with reliable exchanges

  • Implement changes faster with hands-on control & agility


Director of Business Intelligence
IT Systems Manager

  • Challenges:

  • Managing siloed systems

  • Visibility gaps & dark data

  • Outcomes:

  • Streamline LT2I via connected systems & trading partners

  • Real-time operational visibility & status updates



  • Challenges:

  • Risk to overall supply chain & business performance

  • Realigning corporate culture to digital-first & data-centric

  • Outcomes:

  • Improve performance & elevate customer experience

  • Build proactive & agile data-centric culture



  • Challenges:

  • Manually inputting customer orders, BOL, & invoice inquiries

  • Slow to recognize & resolve document errors

  • Outcomes:

  • Automate business document retrieval & provisions

  • Speed root cause analysis & accelerate response

Automate Any EDI Document Type to Your ERP/TMS/WMS


Our Logistics Customers Gained These Integration Outcomes:

  • Consolidated all EDI solutions down to one single platform
  • Gained the ability to accept or reject load tenders within seconds
  • Accelerated times for response and resolution by 60%
  • Connected to all business locations effortlessly


How to Overcome Logistics Integration Challenges
Logistics Integration Outcomes

Cleo Integration Cloud Keeps Jack Cooper Moving

Jack Cooper Transport & Logistics has been moving vehicles across North America for nearly a century, but an aggressive acquisition strategy in recent years led to a duplication of systems and disparate mapping approaches. Learn how Jack Cooper uses Cleo as the "one-stop-shop" for its data movement and EDI integration needs.


“I chose Cleo because it offers options for mobile,
but most importantly, because of the rave reviews
given by their customers on the software and support.””

- Terri Sandine, Manager of Application Development

The Cleo Logistics Solution Brief

500+ industry-leading transportation and logistics providers choose Cleo Integration Cloud for integrated supply chain solutions.

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