Cleo Partner Program

Stand apart from the competition. By partnering with Cleo you'll get the integration software and services you need, as well as the  resources and tools required to make customers successful and grow your bottom line.

Provide Compelling Business Outcomes & Actionable Intelligence for Your Customers with Ecosystem Integration


Accelerate Your Business With EDI & API Integration 
& End-to-End Visibility Across Your Ecosystem

Why Partner with Cleo?

Maximize Value to Your Customers

  • Deliver industry-leading integration solutions
  • Speed time to value using Cleo’s rapid deployment connectors
  • Combine your domain expertise with Cleo’s innovative platform to maximize business impact
  • Bring any-to-any integration to your customers
  • Support API, EDI, and File-based integrations to complement your solution

Grow Your Business

  • Become part of our growing network of Referral, System Integrators & Technology Partners
  • Easy deal registration and pre-sales process
  • Ensure long-term customer success by offering Cleo’s complete and flexible integration solutions
  • Benefit from training and certification programs
  • Best-in-industry referral incentives
  • Grow your sales, marketing, and lead generation

Cleo & Cognizant Have Formed a Global Cloud Integration Partnership

Cleo and Cognizant are working together to bring ecosystem integration to the masses - rapidly accelerating digital transformation in the supply chain.

Watch this video to learn more about this groundbreaking collaboration and discover the future of supply chain innovation.

Cleo Ecosystem Partners

System Integrators

Domain experts with extensive knowledge in the area of integration and data transformation. Our System Integrators are the trusted advisors that optimize business solutions ensuring customer success.

Integration Technology Partners

Our technology partners help create unique offerings on Cleo’s platform to connect seamlessly with virtually any business application. Such offerings accelerate time to value cycle, reduce implementation cost & complexity and improve automation.

Benefits for System Integrators


Accelerate your growth with Cleo services support


Offer Cleo as part of a Seamless Integrated Solution to your customers to maximize ROI


Earn extra compensation via transactional business & sustained revenue through Partner provided Managed Services


Join Partner Advisory Board to influence our roadmap & share your customers’ voice

Integration Technology Providers


Help Cleo create industry solutions by integrating your technology with ours


Extensive GTM plan to promote & grow your business exponentially


Participate in ecosystem development with Cleo


Build connectors and add-on frameworks to provide even greater customer value

Cleo Certification Program

Develop & validate your core compentency on Cleo Integration Cloud

Already a Partner?

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