Efficiency Through Automation with a Leading Integration Platform

Critical business processes are fragmented across departments and applications. Discover how Cleo provides business control by consolidating all EDI, API, and non-EDI integrations onto a single platform.


Wholesale EDI Solutions


EDI is a critical component of your
revenue-generating business process


Organizations across all industries rely on this standardized data format and its accompanying processes to carry out daily business-to-business (B2B) transactions like order-to-cash, load tender-to-invoice, procure-to-pay, and beyond.

This is the engine that transforms the core pillar of global commerce. EDI modernization is about flexibly enabling your business to evolve with changing data dynamics and to successfully excel in your ecosystem.

Advantages of integration control


Business Visibility

Real-time organized data, alerts and reporting into all integrations, processes to coordinate greater win rates.


Reduce Sales &
Finance Costs

Remove complexity and time involved in manual maintenance and updates that increase Total Cost of Ownership.


Error Gaps

Save your resources with automated processes; detect input errors, inconsistencies, and improve error-resolution.


Modernize your core business processes
& gain control in every stage of fulfillment

Order-to-Cash Automation

Improve your back-office performance.

From fluid data movement to seamless connectivity, all EDI document types are accommodated. With a more efficient order-to-cash cycle, you are better positioned for greater volume and sustainable growth.


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Order to cash business process automation screenshot

Load Tender-to-Invoice Automation

Where load tender order meets efficiency.

With a tightly connected & visible load tender-to-invoice process, you are better positioned for accuracy and greater transaction volumes.


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Procure-to-Pay Automation

Don't let procurement slow you down.

Ensure automated routing from purchase requisitions and approvals to invoice management and matching, with centralized data dashboards.

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Maybe your EDI solution doesn't automatically integrate with your back-office applications, but it should...


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