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CIC Cockpit with RADAR™

Real-Time Analytics, Data-driven Actions & Results


Logistics Integration Solutions


Rethink How You Manage Your Supply Chain-related Business

Commitments with Forward-looking Intelligence on KPIs, Customer Expectations, and SLAs

Gain Unparalleled Control over Business Commitments

Define & Create

Define and create supply chain-related business commitments – in minutes.

Track orders, acknowledgements, load tenders, status updates, inventory updates, shipment notifications, invoicing, and more.

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Cleo Cockpit RADAR - Define & Create

Get Real-time Alerts

Configure relevant thresholds to receive notifications before commitments or SLAs are missed.

Get real-time alerts of any at-risk or missed commitment for complete control.

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Cleo Cockpit RADAR - SLA Notifications

Monitor & Manage

Eliminate costly fines, chargebacks, and missed commitments with forward-looking intelligence through dashboards.

Proactively course correct before commitments are missed or become problematic.

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Cleo Cockpit RADAR - Eliminate Fines

CIC Cockpit with RADAR Datasheet

Take control over your business commitments with CIC Cockpit with RADAR:

  • Ensure full margin capture
  • Mitigate risk to revenue-driving operations
  • Optimize trust with customers & partners


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RADAR Datasheet

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