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Automate every EDI & API process, onboard partners in hours, and gain complete B2B transaction visibility using a platform that's built to scale with your business.

Cleo is the trusted leader in EDI for 4,000+ organizations

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Meet your EDI commitments, regardless of complexity



Slash EDI onboarding times
down to hours

Every new EDI trading partner does things differently, this shouldn’t add onboarding delays or impact your revenue.

Bring on any new trading partner 10x faster by leveraging Cleo Network’s pre-built EDI integrations to automate direct integrations into your back-office application.

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EDI Software makes EDI Onboarding Easy



Error-proof your EDI processes

Don’t wait to hear about errors from your customers – your next EDI platform must include proactive alerting to identify and resolve any transactions at risk before they become a problem.

That’s why we’ve built a low-code/no-code platform with 1 click reprocessing, and built-in end-to-end visibility. Our platform is so easy to use, even business and operations stakeholders can manage your day-to-day EDI operations.

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Error proofed EDI software


Automate your EDI with
customers, suppliers, and 3PLs

Automate EDI order processing and other business cycles like Order-to-CashLoad Tender-to-Invoice and Procure-to-Pay.

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EDI solution for automating EDI



Gain complete control over EDI

Choose between self-service, managed services, or a model that blends both.

Cleo empowers you to onboard and manage your EDI operations with a self-service platform or offload it to our team of EDI experts. With Cleo, create a custom approach that suits your business. Pick what you do and what we do.

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EDI solution for edi control



Future proof your business

You likely need a new EDI solution today, but demand for API-based integrations is growing. Choosing Cleo means you won’t have to invest in a separate solution to support API-based transactions, since our platform handles API-based and EDI integrations.

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EDI Solutions connecting applications
Cleo Reviews


“Our costs and efficiencies have resulted in an average ROI of $5,000 a month, and having direct access to the map and communication means we spend less time troubleshooting EDI issues. Client satisfaction has also increased, as there are fewer problems with our in-house EDI connections, and our time to resolve and respond to our customers when issues arise has decreased by at least 60 percent.”

Terri Sandine
Manager of Application Development,
Mohawk Global Logistics

“With Cleo Integration Cloud we have one cloud-based platform that offers every type of transaction processing that we would need, whatever our customers are asking for. We don't have to build custom solutions or find a different tool. We’re even using Cleo for a new API-based HCM (Human Capital Management) system we’re deploying.”

Jan Arvay
Vice President of IT,
Sauder Woodworking



Using Cleo Integration Cloud, Barilla moved 98% of business transactions on to a single EDI platform. With transactions coming in and out 24/7, Barilla has eliminated downtime, helping keep business flowing.

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