Air Freight

Communicate with trading partners in real-time, updating them during every step of the shipping process.

Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) helps air freight companies bolster customer satisfaction by promptly updating trading partners using direct API & EDI integrations and automation.

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Air Freight Integration Platform

“Our costs and efficiencies have resulted in an average ROI of $5,000 a month, and having
direct access to the map and communication means we spend less time troubleshooting
EDI issues. Client satisfaction has also increased, as there are fewer problems with our 
in-house EDI connections, and our time to resolve and respond to our customers when
issues arise has decreased by at least 60 percent.”

- Terri Sandine, Manager of Application Development

Take Control of Your Integrations & Accelerate Growth


Take control of your business with our self-service approach


Gain visibility into your supply chain


Update trading partners in real-time during every step of the shipping process


Identify and resolve issues quickly with customizable error notifications


Improve customer satisfaction with automated, near-instantaneous responses to trading partner requests

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