Traditional B2B Integration is Broken

Your traditional B2B business has evolved into a multi-faceted ecosystem of partners, suppliers, systems, marketplaces, applications, and much more.

But let's face it, your IT approach to integrating with this ecosystem is outdated and hasn't evolved to keep up with ever-changing market demands.

You may have siloed technologies to support various batch and real-time requirements.

Or manual processes, custom code, and unsupported integration scripts . . .

And lastly, if you are like most, you rely on external help, such as managed services or integration experts for day-to-day operations.

This spaghetti bowl of integrations means slow response time and compliance violations . . . resulting in poor customer experience and lost revenue.

Simply put, this approach to integration is we at Cleo transformed it.

Enter Ecosystem Integration… a modern, cloud-based integration platform for today’s B2B business.

We put API, EDI, and File-based integration technology on the same platform.

Enabled true end-to-end, B2B integration all the way into your back office systems – completing the last-mile of any business transaction.

Next, we eliminated inefficiencies and key-person dependencies by automating manual processes, orchestrating business processes, and supporting any-to-any data transformations.

Lastly, we empowered both business and technical users with real-time, end-to-end integration visibility for any transaction and any trading partner – enabling your entire organization to have powerful insights that drive better business decisions.

Faster Trading Partner Onboarding  . . .

Eliminate Manual Business Processes  . . .

Meet SLA Requirements  . . .

And exceed Your Customer Expectations  . . .

This is Ecosystem Integration…the new world where the best B2B integration capabilities unify onto a single platform to help you thrive in this ever-changing world.

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