Load Tender-to-Invoice Automation

Capture more business with a top-rated integration platform built to automate the EDI 204 Load Tender transaction set.

Automate your load tender processes end-to-end, eliminate costly errors, and enable visibility into every load tender integration flow – so you can maximize control.

Cleo Integration Cloud for Logistics

Load Tender-to-Invoice (L2I), is the process by which companies transport goods from business-to-business in which an organization receives, processes, manages, and completes Load Tender requests.

The simplest way to reduce the process is to look at three key steps.

Load Tender Shipper Cycle in 3 Steps


The most common issues in load tender transaction cycles

1) Lack of load tender responsiveness

2) Untimely status updates

3) Load tender processing errors

4) Manual invoice reconciliation & day sales outstanding (DSO)

Load Tender Common Issues

Why automate your load tender process?

Yield higher margins through faster decision making on shipping lanes

Automated load tender processing reduces your response time and provides speedy decision making for higher margin shipping lanes.

Control end-to-end load tender processes


Eliminate manual data entry and complicated, custom integrations, along the ability to integrate into any TMS.

Eliminate failure points & process blind spots


Reduce the amount of time needed to build out integrations, support higher margin load captures and reduce every process blind spot to lower costs.

Cleo Integration Cloud helps you avoid:

  • Slow load tender response times
  • Manual data input errors
  • Integration complexity

Supported integrations include:

  • All critically-required EDI document types
  • APIs to integrate TMS, WMS & ELD
  • Any eCommerce platforms for your supply chain
Load tender efficiency with Cleo

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