Partner Mailbox

Empower your trading partners with self-managed and secure file sharing and file transfer exchange with your customers. Connectivity and simple collaboration designed for security, governance, and integration without the learning curve.

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Exchange files of any size, type or format with your trading partners with complete reporting and full audit trails.

Secure File Sharing Control

Easily set up and configure granular user access definitions and permissions for enhanced data security and control of your secure file transfers.

Secure File Sharing Flexibility

Support non-EDI capable trading partners to securely share files, avoid risk, and standardize processes like order capture.

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A deeper look into how Express has redefined data movement

Robust Cloud Protocols
Robust Cloud Protocols

Power your data movement needs with AS2, FTP/S, SFTP all in one place.

Partner Mailbox
Partner Mailbox

Standardize order capture with any file/format, self-managed, person-to-system integration capabilities.

End-to-End Integration Visibility
End-to-End Visibility

Get actionable insights, real-time operational views & audit trails via a modern UX.

Simplify & automate your secure file sharing

Gain control of your business data with Cleo Integration Cloud Express with a Partner Mailbox so you can securely share files and standardize data exchange with your trading partners.

Simplify & automate your file transfer processes

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There’s no need to give partners insecure access to your internal database or file server. Discover how you can eliminate security gaps, close loopholes, and mitigate risk of non-secure file exchange. 

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