Best EDI Software for EDI Automation in 2022

Automate every EDI process, onboard partners faster, and enhance visibility using cost-effective EDI software that scales with your business.

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Cleo Integration Cloud Was Chosen
By Your Peers as Best EDI Software of 2022


Tackle Your Unique EDI Needs with Cleo’s Top-Rated EDI Software

Onboard Partners Faster


Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) is a top pick when it comes to best overall EDI Software because it provides a robust solution to onboard and manage partners as you grow your business. CIC leverages proven pre-configured EDI templates, allowing you to spin up connections that work with your partner’s EDI systems in days, rather than months.

Our core EDI technology engine has been developed and refined over many years of real-life implementations, meaning our EDI software has been market-tested on the biggest deployments for more than a decade.

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Enhance EDI Transaction Visibility


Cleo Integration Cloud gives you visibility into underlying business processes. You get actionable insights into the business value that each EDI document represents presented in the context of its impact on the broader business. See your entire supply chain in real-time.

Because of our flexible EDI development approach, Cleo Integration Cloud offers complete integration within a true any-to-any transformation engine. You can do EDI to Flat File and Database, but you can also do:

• EDI to JSON• EDI to Web Services
• EDI to CSV • EDI to APIs

All while leveraging the same tooling your EDI analysts are already familiar with.

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Automate & Scale Your EDI


Cleo Integration Cloud is a single, flexible, easy-to-use EDI automation solution that provides you with the support you need to grow on your own terms and timeframe.

You can maximize your existing EDI software investment while creating a path to the future of application integration, API connectivity, and beyond.

By giving you the ability to consolidate multiple business processes and functions under a single solution, Cleo Integration Cloud gives your business a clear path to continuous value.

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Choose Flexible EDI Services


Cleo Integration Cloud offers far more choice in how best to tailor your EDI solution to meet your company’s unique requirements. No matter what business strategies you need to support, Cleo’s EDI software can handle it with flexibility, speed, and simplicity. 

By offering a variety of deployment options – self-service, managed service, or a blend of both –Cleo empowers companies to manage their EDI challenges head on, directly or with our support. 

By partnering with Cleo to design, build, operate and/or optimize your EDI solution, you’ll always remain in the driver’s seat.

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Support Any-to-Any Transformation

Data Transformation

Deliver any-to-any transformation for EDI and non-EDI files to meet any B2B need. 

Support extensive mapping, translation, and any-to-any integration requirements with flexible, high-performance data transformation utilizing a comprehensive library of data syntaxes.

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The Importance of Supply Chain EDI Automation 

In today’s world, your business cannot afford to have bottlenecks due to manual processes - you must automate your EDI to stay competitive.

What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software enables organizations to automate EDI processes, simplify workflows, and reduce errors in document transfer processes. By using modern EDI software, organizations are able to resolve issues caused by manual processes, including:



As your orders increase or as you expand into eCommerce, some of your existing manual processes will likely become unmanageable over time.


Inefficient System Integration

If employees are spending hours converting files, copying and pasting - or finding ways to stuff data from one system to another - your company is experiencing losses.


Legacy Bottlenecks

Just because it's they way you've always done it, doesn't mean you're maximizing efficiencies. Changes to legacy processes (i.e. reducing reliance on custom code) means fewer bottlenecks.


Troubleshooting / Error Resolution

Segmentation of systems increases time to resolution and the burden falls on IT to diagnose/ and resolve issues.

Cleo EDI Software Automatically Integrates With Your Back-Office Applications to Enable EDI Automation


See how easy it is to automate EDI with Cleo Integration Cloud.

What Users Are Saying on G2

G2 Best EDI Solution

"We were able to go from about 20 EDI partners to over 60 in the span of one year. We do not have to spend hours troubleshooting problems as the few problems we do run into are handled by Cleo. Our technical team is able to focus on other projects and growing our company rather than troubleshooting errors."

G2 Best EDI Solution

"CIC is a robust tool that can efficiently empower the end user to maintain an EDI connection. The dashboard has a user-friendly interface, which helps to translate various data formats to other data formats. Overall, Cleo helps streamline our process effectively and has visibility into all transactions."

G2 Best EDI Solution

"With Cleo Integration, we are resolving transmission issues and system glitches. We can identify rejected EDI transmissions and determine why an invoice was rejected. It has created structure and processes for handling technical issues with purchase orders. We have also resolved payment gaps by pulling Cleo rejections and sending them for resubmission."

“The Cleo Integration Cloud platform is secure, easy to use, and highly flexible to meet our business requirements ... We experienced zero problems or issues even though we implemented CIC during our peak business time, not to mention a pandemic.

John Hwee
Director of IT,
Duraflame, Inc.

“With Cleo Integration Cloud we have one cloud-based platform that offers every type of transaction processing that we would need, whatever our customers are asking for. We don't have to build custom solutions or find a different tool. We’re even using Cleo for a new API-based HCM (Human Capital Management) system we’re deploying.”

Jan Arvay
Vice President of IT,
Sauder Woodworking

“Cleo never stops … It runs 24/7. I have one or two people responsible for monitoring this on a day-to-day basis and 99% of the time we are just lights-out, up-and-running. Bringing these tools in has allowed me to uncover flaws in external parties, and that was huge … we used to get blamed for things not working. But when you have proper logging and you have tools that are working and recording errors, I can actually tell you that the partner is down, not us.”

Michael Winsor
Integration Manager,
New Balance

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