B2B Integration is Broken.
It's Time to Rethink Your B2B EDI Integration Strategy

Eliminate the black box and gain complete integration control and visibility. Choose the industry's most powerful B2B integration software to automate every API & EDI process, onboard partners faster, and gain complete B2B transaction visibility.

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4,000+ Leading Companies Use Cleo for B2B/EDI Integration Management

  • Reduce onboarding time by 50% or more by allowing the re-use of business process integrations and partner maps

  • Eliminate the wait of service providers with hands-on control over your development environment

  • Bootstrap your skillset with Cleo experts and industry domain expertise to speed the time to first business


  • Create automated business processes with your trading partners for worry-free order processing

  • Enable always-on business availability with +99.95% uptime SLA

  • Elastically scale to support 100s of millions of B2B transactions

  • Access pulse of your operations with top-line, real-time business dashboards

  • Get end-to-end visibility across business processes with drilldowns into EDI, non-EDI, and API-based dataflows

  • Take direct action with the click of a mouse with hands-on ability to reprocess transactions, share tickets, download data, and compare messages

B2B EDI & Partner Onboarding:

Leverage Our Extensive Network
to Seamlessly Transact with Any Trading Partner

“Our error rate has dropped from 3% to 4% to 0.24%. That's a 16x improvement. My guys literally do maybe one or two EDI help desk tickets a day, and they spend the rest of their days working on more meaningful projects. So the number one thing is, we don't have the whole team tied up working EDI issues anymore, and that’s win-win for everybody.”

Macy Bergoon
Vice President of IT,
Verst Logistics

“Cleo’s team helped us move all this complex integration work out of our in-house data center in favor of a Managed Services approach where we entrust Cleo to do the on-boarding, the map creation – everything.”

Rich McNaught
Senior Director of IT,
Brother International

“We use Cleo Integration Cloud to manage all of our EDI, which is the lifeblood of our supply chain operations.”

Jen Niethammer
Senior EDI and Compliance Coordinator

"When we evaluated Cleo, we wanted to make sure it had all the functionality to meet our EDI requirements, and it does that. Plus, since CIC is an ‘all in one’ platform, we feel confident knowing we can leverage CIC’s rich API integration capability when we need it, as our business evolves.”

Jan Arvay
Vice President of IT,
Sauder Woodworking

“The Cleo Integration Cloud platform is secure, easy to use, and highly flexible to meet our business requirements ... We experienced zero problems or issues even though we implemented CIC during our peak business time, not to mention a pandemic."

John Hwee
Director of IT,
Duraflame, Inc.

“Cleo was the only option that enabled us to continually optimize our iSeries investment while at the same time extending our integration reach to the cloud so we could meet our customer-focused goals and objectives. Plus, operationally speaking, being engaged with their Managed Services team allows Cleo to do more implementation and support work for us, which frees up about 70% of my staff’s time to do other things.”

Trey Willis
Chief Technology Officer,

“At the end of the day, we want to be easy to do business with ... Cleo helps us accomplish that goal by allowing us to better communicate with both customers and partners. You can’t put a price on that.”

Michael Hegarty
Director of ERP and CRM Corporate Strategy,
Lipari Foods

Cleo Reviews

"Nothing compares to Cleo. We use the software to integrate with other applications, databases and customers/trading partners. We use it for all our data conversion projects. The development is fast and allows for multiple formats of data."

Warren Kuhl, Director of IT, Johnson Brother Liquor Company

Ready to Learn More?

Watch a 3-minute demo today to see how Cleo Integration Cloud can empower your organization to...

• Onboard partners faster

• Automate every API / EDI transaction

• Gain end-to-end visibility

Watch Demo Videos

Watch a 3-minute demo today to see how Cleo Integration Cloud can empower your organization to...

• Onboard partners faster

• Automate every API / EDI transaction

• Gain end-to-end visibility

Watch Demo Videos