Hypertext Transfer Protocols

HTTP/HTTPs (Hypertext Transfer Protocol/Secure or HTTP over SSL): The foundation of data communication for the Internet, the HTTP application protocol is the one to exchange or transfer hypertext. HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and what actions web servers and browsers take in response to various commands. HTTPs is a secure version of HTTP and it allows secure e-commerce transactions. Using HTTPs, computers agree on a code between them over SSL, and then they scramble the messages using that code so that no one in between can read them.

HTTP/S Protocol

Connect to Your Trading Partners via HTTP/HTTPS/Hypertext

Power your most critical business exchanges and securely connect to your customers, suppliers, and partners via Cleo's industry-leading HTTP/HTTPS/Hypertext integration solution.

Our deep protocol flexibility enables robust B2B/EDI connection and HTTP/HTTPS/Hypertext integration capabilities, giving your business a competitive advantage.

B2B Protocol Exchange

Cleo Solutions Certifications

Drummond Group
Drummond Certified

Cleo's secure AS2, AS3, and AS4 protocol connectors are fully certified by Drummond Group for interoperability and conformance, and for the reliability and security of data interchange.

FIPS Certified

Cleo offers a FIPS 140-2 Certified data encryption solution that meets the security requirements set forth by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for government agencies and other firms with technology solutions and services used in the government sector.

Odette Certified

Cleo provides an Odette-certified OFTP2 protocol connector, ensuring reliable data interaction and the secure exchange of critical business data.