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Achieve fast file transfer
with Cleo Jetsonic

The Cleo Jetsonic™ solution (available in CIC: Private Cloud Edition) has been designed to quickly, easily, and securely move extremely large files while also supporting blazing-fast transfers of smaller files. By optimally using your existing network connection and infrastructure using parallel TCP connections, this cutting-edge file transfer software moves data several multiples faster than leading competitors’. So when we say fast data, we mean fast data.


Cleo Jetsonic

Benefits of Using Cleo Jetsonic for Fast Data Transfer

Any standard, any format

External accelerated file transfer for files of all sizes with support for other protocols, connectors and operating systems, arming organizations with flexibility

TCP Connections
TCP connections

Eliminate network-imposed speed limitations with built-in parallel TCP connections with a higher transfer rate and guaranteed delivery of transferred packets

File Encryption

SSL encryption secures data in motion, enabling fully-compliant information exchanges

Why accelerated file transfer is a business necessity

In today’s business, as the size of data increases for all communications with customers and suppliers, as well as internal systems, the need for a fast file transfer solution becomes even more important.

Most high-speed data transfer solutions in the market are either hardware-based or reliant on lesser-used network technologies, but the Cleo Jetsonic software-based solution can be deployed as part of an enterprise shared-architecture model.

While fast file transfer is a key component, Cleo Jetsonic is built on Cleo’s secure integration platform and allows organizations to monitor and track performance metrics from both an IT and a business perspective, as well as act on data via reports and dashboards.

The Cleo Integration Cloud, along with the team, was instrumental in making the AT&T project work for the federal mandate. Without Cleo, AT&T would have had firewall issues, vendor protocol and encryption incompatibilities, and design process difficulties. The Cleo solution is extremely robust and positions us well for future growth.

Robert Breivogel
IT project manager

Large file transfer for the modern enterprise

The Cleo Jetsonic offering integrates Cleo’s highly secure and easy-to-use solutions with the fastest file transfer technology on the market for an extreme file transfer solution unlike any other. Rest assured, knowing your massive amounts of data made it to their destination — and knowing it right away — with the Cleo Jetsonic solution.

What Can you Achieve with Cleo Jetsonic?

Modernized file transfer solution

What's built into Cleo's fast file transfer technology?

  1. Tracking

  2. Alerts

  3. Authentication

  4. Data encryption

  5. Data integrity checks

  6. Automatic checkpoint restart

  7. Advanced throttling settings

Accelerate your data 345% faster

How much faster is Cleo Jetsonic is than the average solution or market alternative? Our solution transfers accelerates dataflows to transfer 6.9 GBs of data in just 90 seconds

Power your big data initiative

Accelerate the integration and  secure transfer of data of any size and type for ingestion into data lakes and analytics clouds

Control your data supply chain

Cleo Jetsonic accelerates the supply chain by:

  1. Reducing transfer times for high volume as well as high-velocity transactions

  2. Automating file exchanges between businesses as well as internal systems with complete auditability

  3. Extending back-end integration into any system with our powerful automation integration

  4. Allowing data storage on premise or in public or private clouds

  5. Offering a full audit trail of all file transfer activity

  6. Providing optimum support for business SLAs with automated high-speed transfers

  7. Scaling to meet enterprise-wide requirements with fail-safe redundant architecture

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