Logistics & Transportation

Capture more business by eliminating missed load tenders. With Cleo, you can enable faster decision making on shipping lanes that yield the highest margins.

500+ logistics providers choose Cleo Integration Cloud
for EDI & API integration software

Increase transparency & real-time updates to your customers

Create integrations with real-time transportation visibility providers like Macropoint and Fourkites. 

With Cleo, your customers can monitor and track products in transit, receiving automated alerts and notifications on the status of a shipment. Cleo Integration Cloud allows 3PL and logistics providers to provide differentiation in product delivery and bring on more business. 

Gain industry-leading domain expertise to support API-based integrations to get the most out of your TMS.

Eliminate backlog of new customer onboarding projects

Onboard new trading partners in days instead of weeks. Onboard shippers, carriers, freight brokerages, and 3PLs.

Cleo gives you the flexibility to meet any customer request or requirement by enabling any-to-any integrations and retaining flexible protocol connectivity.

Automate tender & invoice processes with backend applications

Create fluid end-to-end business processes that speed the load-tender-to-invoice cycle. Connect to finance, fleet management, and other back-end applications.

Cleo allows you to create automated API integrations and seamlessly route EDI transactions to your back-end systems. Enable uninterrupted integration to any legacy or new ERP/TMS/WMS.

Improve customer support & services

Modernize the end-user experience with visibility and insights of B2B transactions in the Cleo Integration Cloud platform cockpit.

The Cleo platform gives your customers access to real-time information into the business processes that connect your logistics business with their shipping requests.

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A better way to integrate
your logistics ecosystem.

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Real-time operational visibility for every persona

Cleo Integration Cloud allows you to easily surface the most impactful business insights for immediately actionable logistics intelligence. 


Seamless logistics business process visibility. Take direct action for hands-on troubleshooting

Tie together transactions that compose revenue-driving logistics business operations for rich and complete context across processes such as load tender-to-invoice.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your 3PL, carriers, and other logistics partners

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Powerful persona-driven visibility anywhere and at any time you need  

Cleo Integration Cloud is designed to deliver a blend of self-service and managed services for logistics service providers to deliver actionable insight and intelligence to every user.


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Frictionless supplier integration to unlock back office systems critical to 3PL services


Cleo products are easy to implement and manage. We know that we can rely on the product response and stability. 

Terri Sandine

IT Director, Mohawk Global Logistics

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500+ Industry-leading transportation and logistics providers choose Cleo for integrated supply chain solutions.

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CIC for Logistics and Transportation

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