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Cleo logistics solutions provide deep automation for B2B/EDI, application, and eCommerce integrations to fully orchestrate your supply chain. Increase revenue, speed time-to-market, & improve efficiency. 

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Single Platform for EDI Transport and API Integration

Speed up revenue-generating supplier integration processes like load tender-to-invoice and procure-to-pay.

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Reduce Integration Visibility Gaps to Achieve Agility

Utilize real-time insights to take immediate action and regain full control.

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500+ industry-leading logistics providers choose Cleo Integration Cloud for data management









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A better way to integrate
your logistics ecosystem.

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Real-time operational visibility for every persona

Cleo Integration Cloud allows you to easily surface the most impactful business insights for immediately actionable logistics intelligence. 


Seamless logistics business process visibility. Take direct action for hands-on troubleshooting

Tie together transactions that compose revenue-driving logistics business operations for rich and complete context across processes such as load tender-to-invoice.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your 3PL, carriers, and other logistics partners

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Powerful persona-driven visibility anywhere and at any time you need  

Cleo Integration Cloud is designed to deliver a blend of self-service and managed services for logistics service providers to deliver actionable insight and intelligence to every user.


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Frictionless supplier integration to unlock back office systems critical to 3pl services


Cleo products are easy to implement and manage. We know that we can rely on the product response and stability. 

Terri Sandine

IT Director, Mohawk Global Logistics

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500+ Industry-leading transportation and logistics providers choose Cleo for integrated supply chain solutions.

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Strengthen 3PL and logistics partners by reducing data errors

Customer Stories
Savage Services Customer Testimonial
Jack Cooper Customer Testimonial
Allen Lund Customer Testimonial

Logistics customer stories

Jack Cooper

Learn how Jack Cooper uses Cleo as the "one-stop shop" for its data movement and EDI integration needs. With Cleo, Jack Cooper consolidated their EDI solutions from four parts down to one single platform. 

Allen Lund

Discover how the Allen Lund Company leverages Cleo solutions to connect to over 400 trading partners enabling continued growth in its transportation, logistics brokerage, and software business arms.

Savage Services

Learn how Savage Services is able to integrate any file format using Cleo's ecosystem integration platform. With Cleo, Savage can connect to all 300 of its business locations effortlessly. 

USA Truck

USA Truck converted over 300 EDI trading partners to the Cleo platform in a matter of months. With Cleo Integration Cloud, USA Truck can accept or reject load tenders within seconds.


Mohawk accelerated times for response and resolution by 60% improving customer experience and driving ROI. With Cleo, EDI costs decreased by $5,000 a month. 

The Cleo Integration Cloud platform
supports EDI logistics and any supply chain integration process

Air Freight

Air Freight

Redesign integration for fully-automated, transparent and accelerated direct carrier booking processes to create your own global shipping solution




Automate integration to mission-critical dataflows improving margins, optimizing capacity, and increasing visibility


Third Party Logistics


Automate and Orchestrate 3PL EDI, 3PL integrations and other business processes to increase operational efficiency and carrying capacity


Warehousing and Storage

Warehousing and Storage

Eliminate integration complexity and manual touchpoints across EDI, e-commerce, WMS, and TMS systems


EDI, API and File Integration

Fuel growth and profitability

  • Drive new revenue and cost savings with your customer and carrier network through EDI logistics software and application integration on a unified platform
  • Boost margins and expand market reach by enabling a smarter approach to multi-enterprise community relations with technical flexibility and control
  • Operationalize digitally-enabled information-centric services powered by embeddable integration
EDI, API and File Integration

Partners & Application Onboarding

Rethink Operating Models

  • Accelerate time-to-value with predefined business process templates including load tender to invoice
  • Directly integrate with internal TMS, WMS, and ERP systems to tighten revenue-driving digital business processes
  • Meet evolving business needs with multiple deployment options (cloud, private cloud, hybrid) backed by industry-leading services and support
Partners & Application Onboarding

Business Insights & Actions

Optimize Customer Experience

  • Start doing business sooner through faster onboarding of customers, carriers, partners, and applications
  • Improve customer/carrier scorecards and eliminate missed transactions through EDI automation and visibility across end-to-end business processes
  • Empower business and technical stakeholders with role-based, real-time operational insights and actions
Business Insights & Actions

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