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Cleo’s SQL database connectivity (supported via JDBC type 4 or greater) offers a flexible and scalable option for relational database integration to enable transactional business operations, or serve as a staging ground between multi-enterprise dataflows and core business applications such as ERP, TMS, and WMS systems.

Cleo Integration Cloud SQL database integration helps you streamline business and application dataflows for seamless end-to-end integration.

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Automate database workflows

Activate your staging ground for EDI and e-commerce data.

Get your database going with Cleo. Cleo Integration Cloud helps your business integrate to a wide variety of relational databases so you can quickly and easily automate dataflows and read/write to your SQL database of choice. Set up with Cleo is simple and quick via any compliant JDBC 4.0 driver. 

Automate database workflows

Benefits of DB Integration

Secure File Sharing Flexibility
Close gaps

Close the gap between EDI and back-end applications

Drive new opportunities and business growth
Activate your staging ground

Activate your staging ground for EDI and e-commerce data

Modernize IT systems
Enable read/write

Enable read/write for storage and retrieval of any data or file type

Db2: IBM Database 2 (Db2) is one of the earliest commercially available relational database management systems. Introduced in 1983, Db2 is a robust and high-performing DBMS enabling large-quantity storage and commonly functions as an ERP staging ground for EDI and application dataflows.

IBM DB2 Connector

SQL Server: Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Server) is a full-featured relational database management system designed and maintained by Microsoft. SQL Server supports multiple formats for ingest, including Integer, Float, Decimal, Character and Variable length character strings, binary, and text. 

Microsoft SQL Server

MySQL: One of the first relational database management systems to start as freeware, MySQL is owned and maintained by Oracle. Following acquisition in 2010, MySQL project was used to start the open-source RDBMS, MariaDB. 

MySQL Connector

Oracle Database: Developed in 1977, Oracle DB is a widely used relational database management system in the enterprise database market. Oracle DB allows data objects to be directly accessed by users through SQL. Oracle DB is also called Oracle RDBMS or frequently, Oracle. 

Oracle Database Connector

PostgreSQL: Created as an open-source object-relational database management system (ORDBMS), postgreSQL is developed by PostgreSQL Global Development Group. PostgreSQL serves a variety of storage and replication use cases and is well-suited as a staging ground for ERP integration. 

PostgreSQL Connector

To help you understand the direction your business is headed and what you need to get there, we’ve compiled a list of assets to inform your EDI journey. Each EDI Success Kit outlines common EDI challenges and provides guidance for your organization on how to improve EDI processes, fill in any capability gaps, and enable end-to-end automation.

Gain access to all of these free EDI success kits:

  1. B2B + EDI Orchestration and Optimization
  2. Current EDI Software and Infrastructure Evaluation
  3. EDI Automation
  4. EDI Compliance
  5. EDI Outsourcing
  6. EDI Modernization

Remove integration complexity

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