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Connect & Integrate Google Bucket Data

Google Cloud Storage buckets are flexible and scalable cloud containers designed to store your business data from any source or application regardless of format or size.

Cleo's connector for Google Cloud Storage Buckets allows users to seamlessly move and integrate critical business and application data for highly scalable cloud storage and next-gen file-based integration patterns.

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Overview of Cleo’s Google Cloud Storage Buckets Integration

Frictionless data integration for Google Cloud Storage Buckets

Enable rapid data ingestion, disaster recovery, and multi-enterprise file-based integration use cases

  • Reliably and securely store cloud objects
  • Enable event-based and scheduled file transfers over AS2 and SFTP to storage buckets
  • Support archival, storage, system redundancy, and modern file transfer patterns
Frictionless data integration for Google Cloud Storage Buckets

Why choose Cleo for Google Storage Buckets integration?


Keep critical business and financial information up-to-date and make better, faster business decisions

Access real-time data visibility

Gain end-to-end process visibility to increase business intelligence and proactively respond to issues


Connect disparate data, applications, systems, and trading partners to enhance critical business processes

Cleo’s Google Cloud Buckets integration

Benefits of Cleo’s Google Cloud Storage Buckets integration

Integrate Google Cloud Storage Buckets for digitally fluid end-to-end business processes.

Simplify file integration to Google Cloud

> Support folder structure concept for object grouping

> Enable standard hierarchical file system

Automate seamless file flows

> Create and manage integrations between Google Cloud and other file systems and databases, and trading partners

> Fully modernize your critical file-based integration processes 

What you can do with Cleo’s connector for Google Cloud Storage Buckets

Cleo’s integration connector delivers reliable integration with Google Storage Buckets and other business-critical systems, providing a complete and unified approach to integrating your data.

1. Enable hybrid integration processes between cloud applications and on-premise systems

2. Power massively scalable infrastructure to house and manage the data explosion

3. Backup and archive critical data

4. Build highly-elastic and scalable data pipelines for data lake integration

And much more!

Connect and integrate Google Cloud Storage Buckets data today

With application integration from the Cleo Integration Cloud, you can easily connect Google Cloud Storage Buckets to enable:

  • Seamless file-based integration across systems, applications, and partners
  • Geo-distributed file transfer between organizations, users, and systems
  • Secure data handoff to between your business and your multi-enterprise ecosystem of partners
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Remove integration complexity

See the Cleo Integration Cloud in Action

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Connectivity across every integration scenario between systems, applications, clouds, and business ecosystems.

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“It doesn’t matter if I'm using Shopify as my eCommerce platform, or if I'm using Netsuite, or I’m using EDI with my customers, and it doesn’t matter what ERP I’m using . . . With Cleo Integration Cloud we were able to deliver everything faster to our customers.”

-Andre Barbosa
Systems Analyst
Mondetta Clothing, Inc.

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