Complete API & EDI Integration for Your Wholesale Business.

Is your organization looking to streamline Order-to-Cash?

Are you experiencing …

  • High exception rates leading to chargebacks
  • SLA violations due to inaccurate or unreliable integrations
  • Lost orders
  • Lack of visibility between cloud and on-prem solutions
  • Delays to invoice
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If the answer to any of the above is yes, it’s time to invest in a modern platform for API and EDI integration flow automation.

Here’s what you’ll achieve with API & EDI on a single platform:


Reduce exceptions by eliminating manual touchpoints in integration


Support digital transformation 


Enable batch and real-time processes


Reduce TCO and resources dedicated to managing operations

How will this save your organization money?

  • Improve operating cash flow
  • Reduce TCO by reducing manually managing operations and consolidating existing systems
  • Improve system ROI 
  • Improve operating margins
  • Enable greater staff productivity

Achieve end-to-end automation and API/EDI integration modernization with
Cleo Integration Cloud


Real-time operational visibility for every persona

Cleo Integration Cloud allows you to easily surface the most impactful business insights for immediately actionable third-party logistics intelligence. 


Seamless supply chain integration with third-party logistics providers

Tie together transactions that compose revenue-driving business operations for rich and complete context across processes such as load tender-to-invoice.


Quickly configure dataflow endpoints between your trading partners and infrastructure

Support end-to-end integrations over multiple communications protocols including AS2, SFTP, and more.


Powerful persona-driven visibility anywhere and at any time you need  

Cleo Integration Cloud is designed to deliver a blend of self-service and managed services for third-party logistics service providers to deliver actionable insight and intelligence to every user.


Drill down into any integration flow

Quickly access meaningful context by refining messages with multiple filters and intuitive search. Get detailed insights into any transaction within seconds.


Empower users with hands-on controls for issue resolution

Follow, track, and share issue status. Gain operational control through self-service message reprocessing.


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Cleo Integration Cloud can advance your business.

2500+ Industry-leading manufacturing & wholesale distributors choose Cleo Integration Cloud

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Cleo is a leading enterprise solution on G2 in Summer 2023
Cleo is a momentum leading solution on G2 2023
Cleo is a high performer for the enterprise on G2 2023
Cleo leads highest user adoption for enterprises on G2 2023
Cleo gets the best results for enterprises on G2 2023
Cleo is a leading enterprise solution on G2 in Summer 2023
Cleo is a momentum leading solution on G2 2023
Cleo gets the best results for enterprises on G2 2023

“It offers us excellent API and EDI capabilities. This makes it easy to connect several applications through a centralized platform. It offers great flexibility. It is also very adaptable as it integrates excellently with other applications within our ecosystem. With CIC, we get the best platform for bringing everything together and a means to becoming more productive.”

- G2 Reviewer, March 2021

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