Integrate Sage Intacct and Streamline Your Critical Accounting Workflows

Streamline your Sage Intacct accounting and financial management workflows with Cleo Integration Cloud.

Today’s enterprises must have the freedom to choose and deploy cloud-based applications that help expand their businesses without worrying how to integrate them into the IT infrastructure. Sage Intacct is one such cloud application that organizations use to financially manage their business processes. Sage Intacct is accounting software designed for small and midsize businesses that provides real-time financial and operational insights with automation for critical business processes, but businesses looking to quickly integrate Sage Intacct with their other B2B and application workflows don’t always have a lot of options.

The Need for SaaS Integration

Enterprises around the world recognize that in order to evolve and better serve the members of their digital ecosystem, the software and solutions that they are using must evolve with them. No longer can companies rely on legacy solutions and outdated software. Instead, they are undergoing modernization initiatives, such as moving from traditional EDI to cloud EDI and other digital transformation strategies, to improve the way business is done.

It’s evident in the popularity of CRM applications like Salesforce and SugarCRM or ERP applications like NetSuite and Acumatica. Application connectors are a modern way to extend these application investments solutions and require seamless connectivity with cloud applications like Sage Intacct.

What is Sage Intacct?

Intacct by Sage is a cloud-based financial management solution with advanced functionality for managing consolidations, currencies, and revenue recognition. Part of the Sage Business Cloud, the Sage Intacct solution helps finance professionals increase efficiency and drive growth for their organizations by automating often-tedious financial and accounting processes and delivering greater insight and flexibility.

How Sage Intacct Works

Sage Intacct is considered one of the top cloud accounting software solutions on the market, based on customer satisfaction. The application includes a great amount of flexibility specifically designed for enterprises to automate complex financial processes. Sage Intacct enables enterprises to get rid of outdated technology as well as replace manual-intensive finance processes to save both employee time and company costs. Sage Intacct also provides real-time visibility through dashboards, with metrics that give improved customer insights to make better business decisions faster.

Who Uses Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is used by many different types of companies, including Acquia, Big Ten, Culver’s, GeoTechnologies Inc., Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Patreon, Tandem HR, and Yesler Inc.

What is a Sage Intacct Application Connector?

A Sage Intacct application connector is built using Sage APIs and designed to allow for interactions between Sage Intacct and your other business applications, from cloud ERPs and CRMs to e-commerce and payment platforms. Cleo’s Sage Intacct integration is a prebuilt connector that integrates important financial information and automates the accounting functions of the order-to-cash cycle for true end-to-end processing.

Why Use a Sage Intacct Connector?

In short, a connector for Sage Intacct integrates the financial arm of your important business processes, including order to cash, with delivery and fulfillment. Accounting too often happens in a silo within an enterprise. Leveraging a Sage Intacct connector will increase operational and transactional power when that financial and accounting information is visible in context of the overall business process. Additionally, Cleo Integration Cloud connects Sage Intacct and your other business applications to keep data aligned between front-end and back-end systems, such as your ERP.

Integrate Sage Intacct Today

The Cleo Integration Cloud ecosystem integration platform connects your Sage Intacct application seamlessly with your other important on-premise and cloud applications. Cleo’s application connector is already prebuilt and eliminates the potentially high costs that arise from developing integration while at the same time streamlines your time to value.

Being able to efficiently integrate cloud applications such as Sage Intacct is critical for your business’s bottom line. Strong, flexible integration that allows you to enable multi-enterprise ecosystem members, whether it’s trading partners or customers, will help differentiate your business through increased automation and visibility. Cleo Integration Cloud provides the governance, control, and orchestration capabilities that streamline the data flows supporting revenue-driving interactions.

Cleo is a certified Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner. Cleo’s cloud integration platform extends the Sage Intacct solution for a variety of EDI/B2B, application, and data integration use cases. To learn more about Cleo’s Sage Intacct connector, the Cleo Integration Cloud platform, or Cleo’s portfolio of application connectors, contact us today.

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