Collection 18 Drives Growth Through Modern B2B eCommerce Solutions

Team Cleo
Collection 18 gained an automated, single-platform MFT solution that consolidated its B2B eCommerce solutions.

B2B eCommerce solutions drive the reach and distribution of global brands like Collection 18 now more than ever.

As a New York City-based fashion brand that designs and manufactures women’s apparel and accessories found on the pages of Women’s Health, InStyle, and Glamour magazines – and for sale online and in Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Dillard’s department stores – Collection 18 (aka Collection XIIX) relies on EDI and non-EDI data to get hats, gloves, scarves, wraps, footwear, and handbags onto customers the world over.

But while Collection 18 customers might seek to put multiple accessories into their outfit arsenals, Collection 18 only wanted a single managed file transfer (MFT) solution that could easily transfer EDI and non-EDI documents and keep business moving.

With demand growing every year, the company sought to keep its data moving as fast as the company’s growth, which required a “less is more” approach when it came to its EDI and other B2B data exchanges.

Support for Leading B2B eCommerce Solutions

With dozens of trading partners – Amazon, Dollar General, and Walmart on the retail side and a number of logistics and freight-forwarding vendors on the fulfillment side – ensuring the reliable exchange of EDI documents, Microsoft Office files, and PDFs behind the scenes was key to Collection 18’s growing business.

Collection 18 had used Cleo’s data movement and B2B integration solutions for more than a decade and wanted to keep pursuing that relationship to clean up its data communications in three ways:

  • Consolidate its EDI point solutions from third parties
  • Support a variety of advanced communication protocols from a single platform
  • Reduce escalating costs stemming from its VAN that was used to communicate with non-AS2 trading partners

“We require a number of different connections, including FTP, SFTP, and AS2,” said Viji Thomas, EDI coordinator at Collection 18. “Prior to Cleo, we were using multiple solutions for our communication or document exchange, but Cleo supports all these connections from a single platform.”

 Single-Platform B2B Communications Technology

Collection 18 sought to streamline workflows, promote elastic connectivity, and improve business efficiency for its growing brand. Through a trusted business partner, Collection 18 gained an automated, single-platform MFT solution that consolidated its B2B eCommerce solutions onto a single platform and provides the engine to deliver tens of thousands of files a year more efficiently.

Collection 18 was able to better support its various connections, reliably deliver EDI and non-EDI files, and consolidate its B2B communication costs with enterprise-grade file transfer capabilities from a single solution.

Collection 18 won’t miss a beat as consumers continue to buy its products and as more retailers, specialty shops, and mass merchandisers pick up its stylish offerings. After all, reliable and efficient B2B data exchange to support expanding eCommerce initiatives never goes out of style.

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